Our Vision, Mission and Purpose


The vision of ASER is to be the leader in assisting industry professionals and regulators in providing quality products and services to the public. By collaborating with Independent Scientists who conduct research, provide analysis and educate clients via product evaluation and quality assurance certification programs, the ASER seal will be recognized by both consumers and industry leaders and stand for Quality Assurance.


The mission of ASER is to provide educational programs, research into human disease and the development of an electronic library of related human health data that will assist professionals and the public in understanding and differentiating the otherwise complex health issues that arise out of natural causes vs. exposure to synthetic and /or natural compounds. Another core mission of ASER is to assist consumers and the companies who sell to them by evaluating products and inspecting the manufacturing facilities where they are produced.


In fulfilling the above mission, ASER discovered a demonstrated need for Independent quality assurance standards for products in the Health & Beauty, Foods, Dietary Supplement and Nutritional Industry. The purpose of ASER is to provide Health & Beauty, Foods, Dietary Supplemental and Nutritional Companies Quality Certification on all products through proper testing and quality research. ASER will label products with the ASER seal allowing consumers the highest level of Quality Assurance.

Who Benefits


Consumers receive the benefit of knowing that a label that says it contains a particular ingredient does in fact contain that ingredient. Consumers also receive the benefit of knowing that the testing was performed by independent scientists that are influenced by industry and regulators.


The industry receives the comfort of knowing that the ingredients contained in the product they are selling and distributing is in fact contained in that product. If industry also requires the laboratories whom manufacturer their products are ASER certified then it has the added benefit of know that its manufacturers are subject to Good Manufacturing Practices which reduces the risk of containments in the manufacturing cycle. As a result of industry requiring such quality control it can inform its customers that its products carry the benefits which are valuable to customers and valuable to the industry as a marketing tool. Such quality control also has the benefit of risk reduction for industry and its customers.


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